Health Breakthrough Fund

In 2019 the Peter Sowerby Foundation launched the Health Breakthrough Fund. This fund is designed to provide larger scale grants to those projects that are providing innovation and transformation in health and social care.

The Fund prioritises projects in the following categories:

  • Primary medical care and research into technologies to improve the delivery of primary care;
  • Research undertaken by GPs;
  • Innovation and technology to improve primary care, particularly in rural communities;
  • Terminal care and support for those suffering terminal illnesses and research into improving delivery of care.

Funded projects have the following characteristics and potential:

  • Likely to be at an early - if not preliminary - stage of development
  • Highly innovative
  • Potentially high risk
  • Complex and/or technical
  • Run by high calibre professionals with compelling track records in this or related fields
  • Well supervised and resourced projects (potentially through additional input by the Foundation)
  • High impact, transformative in improving the quality of healthcare if proven and scaled.

Find out more about the Health Breakthrough Fund qualifying criteria for funding projects.

From time to time we hold Open Calls for our Health Breakthrough Fund. If you would like to know when the next Open Call is announced, please register your interest.