The Peter Sowerby Foundation was set up thanks to a generous endowment by Dr Sowerby, to fulfil his philanthropic vision and charitable priorities. 

As a former GP in a rural community in North Yorkshire, Peter cared deeply about his patients, the community and access to high-quality primary healthcare. These priorities are all reflected in the Foundation’s work.

Peter’s vision, creativity and innovation led him to create the software behind EMIS – now the largest supplier of clinical software to GPs in the UK. These qualities are now echoed in our grants. Our Trustees look for projects that are innovative, use technology effectively and are often those that don’t meet the criteria for mainstream funders.

Peter’s many other interests – including philosophy, education, the environment and conservation – are also represented in the Foundation’s grants. 

To date, the Peter Sowerby Foundation has awarded over £10 million to charities, community groups and healthcare providers. 

Find out more about these organisations and the work they’re doing on Our Grants page