Dr. David Stables


David has over 35 years' experience in healthcare IT. Having qualified in Medicine at Dundee University in 1981, he entered general practice in 1984 at Egton Surgery in North Yorkshire working as a Partner in that practice alongside Dr Peter Sowerby. Together they developed the patient records management software that subsequently formed the basis of the business of EMIS. He was appointed Medical Director of EMIS in 1987 and went on to lead the EMIS software development team with responsibility for software requirements, design, technology and clinical assurance until 2011.

From 2011 David served as Strategic development director at EMIS PLC until 2013. Since then, David has established the Endeavour Health Charitable Trust with an endowment, of which he is a Trustee, and became a trustee of the Sowerby foundation in 2014.