Open Call 2023

Overall Programme Aim: Tackling the UK’s most pressing health issues through scale and innovation.


  • This is an Open Call to support up to 5 charities to receive initial scale up funding of up to £500,000 for the launch or scale of existing initiatives to tackle the UK’s most pressing health issues through innovation in process, patient care or structural and systemic changes in primary healthcare.
  • Trustees are focused on projects/programmes which can deliver real impact in this area, with priority given to projects which can provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. This strand of funding is focused on projects which can deliver national scale, reach, and impact in primary care or out of hospital provision.
  • The Open Call does not have a focus on specific conditions or diseases, although applicants must ensure there is a significant need for interventions in the identified area, which is backed up by a concrete evidence base.
  • The Open Call is open to:
    • Organisations with national reach and potential to scale programmes across the UK.
    • Minimum turnover limits – £5m +.
    • The Foundation will not provide a grant of more than 10% of an organisation’s turnover.
    • Organisations which are a registered charitable entity (registered charity, CIO, CIC We will not fund profit making organisations.
    • We will not accept applications from current grantees, though you may be part of a partnership or joint approach.
  • Projects must start within three months of a successful application, with initial impact seen within a six month time scale.
  • This grant scheme is focused on active delivery and not on funding research and/or development of projects and programmes i.e., it is for initiatives which are ready to launch or scale.
  • Successful projects are likely to be:
    • Highly innovative – avoiding replication of what is currently taking place, although we will consider the transfer of successful initiatives to tackle another disease area of discipline.
    • Potentially high risk.
    • Complex and/or technical.
    • Backed up by a significant clinical evidence base.
    • Run by high calibre professionals with compelling track records in this or related fields.
    • Well supervised and resourced projects (potentially through additional input by the Foundation).
    • High impact and transformative in improving the quality of healthcare at scale (national) on three levels individual, community and the sector.
    • Sustainable once a potential grant from the Foundation finishes or solves a pressing issue during the time period of the grant.
    • Run by organisations committed to monitoring and evaluation and sharing learnings from the project with other organisations across the health sector.


NB – For projects which are ready to scale we would expect applicants to demonstrate prior successful delivery/impact


To apply, please visit the following site, register for a profile and select Apply Now. The initial form you need to fill in to submit an Expression of Interest Form is: Breakthrough 2023 Introduction


We are unable to discuss applications prior to a submission of an Expression of Interest Form. However, if you have any issues regarding submitting this form, or using our grant making system, please contact: Ben Wilson at


Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest forms is 14th December 2023 at 5pm.