The Peter Sowerby Foundation was established in 2011 with a generous endowment from Dr Peter Sowerby, a GP and technology entrepreneur. The Foundation supports projects in the field of Health and other charitable good causes through the provision of grants. It seeks to fund projects which display innovation and creativity and which provide a significant and unique impact.

In line with the interests and philanthropic aims of its founder, the Foundation focuses  on the following areas:

  • Health and Social care
  • Education
  • Community
  • Environment & Conservation
  • The Arts

The trustees are interested in supporting projects in Dr Sowerby’s much-loved home of North Yorkshire altough this doesn't mean that projects outside of this region will not be considered favourably.

Our success stories and previous grants can be seen here.

Applying for grants

The Foundation does not seek unsolicited applications as it actively solicits proposals directly from relevant organisations. 
However, it will from time to time issue an Open Call for expressions of interest in its Health Breakthrough Fund.

Health Breakthrough Fund

In 2019 the Foundation launched the Health Breakthrough Fund. This was a new fund designed to provide larger scale grants to projects providing innovation and transformation in Health and Social Care. 

The Foundation issued its first Open Call for the Health Breakthrough Fund in 2019, and it is envisaged that further open calls will be announced from time to time. To register your interest in future open calls for this fund, please provide your contact details here.

More information on our Health Breakthrough Fund can be found on the pages here.

Please note that there are no plans at present to issue open calls for funds other than the Health Breakthrough Fund. These will continue to be solicited directly by the Foundation from selected organisations.